We believe in the strength of community.  We also believe that we all need support at different times in our lives and with the right kind of support all of us can flourish and be full and active citizens.

Ideas are not enough; we are committed to supporting real positive change in the lives of families and individuals who have support needs.

We value every individual’s personal story and aim to support individuals to overcome the challenges they face in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The people we work for are experts through experience.  Our role is to listen and learn, changing and evolving our support so that it suits where the person is now and is focused on where they want to go next in life.

Some key principles help us do this and we believe these are essential to understanding Homelife.

  • Power and control remains with or as close to the person we work for as possible to ensure that they direct their own support.
  • Every person has a transparent individualised funding arrangement.
  • We have a flat and accessible management structure.
  • As people’s needs and wishes change, their support changes with them.
  • We work in active partnership with families, friends and other agencies.
  • We want to remain a small local organisation in order to keep the focus on the people we work for and their connection with their community.