Homelife Can Help You to Get the Life You Want.

We work alongside an individual and the people that know and care about them together to plan for a better future and support dreams and aspirations to become a reality. The organisation does this by placing each person at the centre; listening to what they say and supporting them to be in control as much as they can or want to be. Individuals are supported to recruit their own team that are matched to their needs and interests which is key to delivering the right support.

We could help you to:
• Get the life you want
• Live independently in your own home or with family, friends or partner
• Have friends and relationships
• Find a paid job or a volunteering role
• Connect and contribute to your community
• Direct own support and have as much control as possible
• Develop your life skills
• Help to overcome challenges that get in the way of achieving goals and dreams.

Each person is supported to plan for the life they want, having their own individualised service which is unique and personal to them. People are supported to make the best use of their individual budget to assist them purchase the support they need to meet their outcomes. This is written down in their service design which the person completes with the keyworker and signs when they have agreed their service

The person we support is the most important

visitor on our premises.


They are not dependent on us.

We are dependent on them.


They are not an interruption on our work.

 They are the purpose of it.


 They are not outsiders to our business.

They are part of it.


We are not doing them a favour by serving them.

They are doing us a favour by giving us an



opportunity to do so.

Mahatma Gandhi ( modified)