At Homelife we recognise that recruiting the right person makes a real difference to the people we workfor. Every person we work for is unique and it is important to find the relationships that work for them.  To do this we recruit in a person centered way.

We have a careful matching process which helps to “match” new team members to the people we work for based on personalities, outlook on life, hobbies and experiences.

We believe that the people we work for and those who know and care about them are the best people to recruit, so team members work closely with the people we work for to understand what makes a good match for them.

The people we work for and their teams then design adverts, and interview new candidates, to find this “match”.  During a new team member’s shadowing and induction period, we continually check that the match is working for both the new team member and the people we work for.

We may not always get the match right the first time, but we keep listening and learning, from and with the people we work for to find them the people who will help them to get the life they want.

Homelife as an employer and team members of Homelife adhere to the National Standards for Disability Services Codes of Practice for Social Service Workers & Employers. This is to ensure that we achieve the highest possible standards in the work that we do. Please click on the icon below to download this document.