Homelife has a committee  which is responsible for:

  • the integrity of our financial reporting
  • compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, internal standards, policies and expectations of key stakeholders,
  • including service users, team members and the public
  • the effectiveness of our internal control and risk management framework, including its audit functions
  • the appointment of our senior leaders
  • our objectives, purposes and standards and policies on key issues
  • an effective governance structure and an appropriate corporate culture

Adam D'Arcy

Acting President

More details about Adam coming soon.


Bill Brooks


More detail about billing coming soon.

Homelife Silhouette 2

Kate Robison


More details about Kate coming soon.


Matt Mutters

Service User Representative

More details about Matt coming soon.


Paul Batkin

Committee Member

More details about Paul coming soon.

Homelife Silhouette 2

Leesa Taylor

Committee Member

More details about Leesa coming soon.