Everyone should have access to a living environment of their choosing.

We support people to live the life they choose, the way they want to. By understanding you, we can stand with you and focus on what you want to achieve.

Every person we support is unique. The supports and services we provide are designed by you, for you. This includes choice about who provides those services and support. We work with people of all ages and lifestyles, from prevention and early intervention through to community development, education and ongoing support. With Homelife, you can live every moment your way.

We offer a range of service models, ranging from units to purpose built houses and group homes with 24 hour support. Services are provided to people living independently in their own homes through drop-in support provided several times a week to people living in specialised support models who require 24 hour assistance.

Our services also work in partnership with Government agencies like Housing Queensland and community housing providers to assist people to find a suitable home and support to maintain a public housing tenancy. The Outreach program assists people to develop independent living skills and some other longer-term service users with minor levels of assistance, to manage their household and live independently. At Homelife we are dedicated to providing advice and accommodation options for people with disability across Queensland

Service Objectives:

  • Provision of a service focused on individual need
  • Provision of a service focused on education, community support and expanding social networks
  • Ongoing development of a quality service through training
  • Promotion of the full participation of people we support in all aspects of service delivery and management
  • To maintain all accommodation in line with community standards
  • To maintain a system of quality assurance
  • To operate within the allocated resources
  • An educational and training approach tailored to each individual enabling them to reach their own level of independence.

Discover the freedom of living life your way, close to local amenities and transport, with your friends and family around you.

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